The Wisdom Within

Posted on April 13, 2017 by Ben Huyck

Image The knowledge that we seek to answer our most pressing questions is available in every moment. Great wisdom lies within us awaiting our call. The magnitude of what is possible has no limits and we can explore at will and without limitation. In order to access our own wisdom from within, we can use meditation to calm our consciousness and direct it in a clear manner to probe the depths of knowledge.


The powers of our consciousness are truly exceptional when exercised in their innate capacity. It is ours to rediscover since it is our natural state. With a calm and relaxed mind, the barriers of distraction fall by the wayside, opening ourselves to greater and more profound opportunities.


To have awareness of a greater form of consciousness, we must recognize the opportunity when it is presented otherwise it will pass us by. The key to this awareness is tuning into your body and your consciousness. The indicator we are looking for during our meditation is a feeling of peacefulness, calmness, and alignment. Once we notice this, we can either enjoy the peace and serenity of the moment, or we can recognize that untapped wisdom is close at hand if we actively seek to engage with it.


By holding the calm awareness, we can then begin to ask the questions to which we are seeking answers. In such a moment, we are plugged into the pool of wisdom and we need to begin the conversation. What are you seeking? What do you need to know at this moment? What would you ask a master teacher if you were in his or her audience? This type of questioning allows us to begin active exploration of our questions and to probe the depths of wisdom.


After presenting your questions or inquiry, then the objective is to sit in a calm, relaxed, and receptive state. As you do, you wait and observe any experiences that come to you. Pay attention to any understanding, awareness, or information that follows, since this has been shared with you in response to your questions. Evaluate the contents of this wisdom. Is this helpful to you for good and positive purposes? Is this uplifting and useful? You may also seek to understand the source of whatever has been shared with you. Where does the wisdom emanate from?


Ultimately the objective is to make use of what you learn to better your life. As your consciousness shifts back to your normal awakened state, the knowledge, wisdom, and information can be applied in specific ways which allows us to accelerate our growth as individuals to realize our true potential. In this regard, we have a valuable resource close at hand which we can use whenever we need.


This method of using meditation to access our own wisdom within is available to each and every one of us. With each time we practice, our skills increase further and we build upon the knowledge we gain. What wisdom will you discover?


Meditation as a Gateway

Posted on March 25, 2017 by Ben Huyck

Image To successfully access the wisdom of the cosmos, a person must be able to hold their meditative focus inward to access the depths of their consciousness. By blocking out the distractions and utilizing the powers of the consciousness, we can then enter through the gateway within to explore the vastness of the cosmos.


This type of meditation is an exploration which will require our active awareness. We are not seeking to allow the mind to go blank and empty, but rather to direct the mind's awesome potential away from the exterior senses and toward the object of our observation. In this manner, we retain our powers of observation in whatever form they may manifest (i.e. seeing, sensing, hearing, feeling, etc.) By maintaining our conscious awareness throughout the experience, we can take with us the knowledge and information that we gathered and bring it into our waking consciousness.


This is similar to taking a class in school. If we are awake and attentive, the learning that was transferred to us in the classroom can be taken with us wherever we go. If instead we remain asleep or distracted in the class, that knowledge will not make it to our conscious awareness and then we cannot apply it in the future.


The objective for the Meditation on Worlds classes is to present a learning and experiential opportunity. We utilize our consciousness to visit a realm that offers healing, knowledge, and information. Once we have our experience, then we can bring that with us when we come out of meditation. This allows us to be aware of how those energies influenced the essence that comprises our bodies. We also know more about what we experienced and how it was created. Then can choose to apply our newly acquired knowledge to improves ourselves and our world.


What would you choose to explore if the sky is the limit? What do you need in order to begin? Our meditative focus is a powerful force in uncovering the wisdom that is within reach.

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