About This Material

Image Each of us has the capacity to discover great wisdom right from where we are sitting. By using our consciousness to explore these possibilities, we can learn new information and realize new potentials for ourselves.


Exploration of Worlds is a method of applying meditation to seek out cosmic wisdom that lies within our grasp. The guided meditations and written material are derived from discoveries made through use of meditative techniques. It has been collected and presented to you so that you may have an introduction to your own first-hand experience.


The purpose for such an undertaking is to educate ourselves and to make any necessary improvements that may allow us to elevate our being. By doing this we prepare ourselves for new opportunities.


Should you wish to learn more, there are several methods that you can use to explore. Guided meditation classes are offered, which lead participants to a new realm to receive learning and to experience the energies that are available. Another way to explore is to pick up a copy of the book, An Exploration of Worlds, which will be available beginning in September 2017. You may also engage with the author, Ben Huyck, to have him lead a group study workshop for more in-depth experiential learning.


Methods to Explore

Meditation Classes


Guided meditation classes are offered to lead you to have your own experience. You are offered the possibility to explore new realms and to receive the gifts of the cosmos.

Classes are held in Chicago and the dates can be viewed on the events page.

Webinar Meditation Classes


Online meditation classes are offered to lead you to have your own experience. You are offered the possibility to explore new realms and to receive the gifts of the cosmos.

Classes are held using Go-To-Webinar which can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The dates can be viewed on the events page.

Illustrated Book


An illustrated book will be published in the Autumn of 2017 which will describe 40-50 different worlds. The information contained within will serve to explain the experiences that can be had in different realms and provide an introduction for readers to explore on their own.

Stay tuned for further information about books for sale.

Group Study


In addition to meditating, we can also explore other activities to further our understanding. Workshops will be offered to provide more experiential learning with knowledge obtained from other worlds.

You can check the events page to see when these are scheduled. You may also contact Ben to discuss a customized group study at your location.

About Ben Huyck

Image Ben Huyck has been studying and practicing meditation for 18 years. After studying with different teachers and incorporating different methods, the resulting effect has been the development of the ability to discover information while in a meditative state. The richness and profound nature of the messages within can be deeply moving.


In recent years, Ben's meditations have become so vivid that he began to draw pictures of what he would see and write about what he experienced. For those that know, closing one's eyes for meditation does not necessarily mean the vision remains blank. The stacks of paper began to grow. And he was able to return to a specific place in his meditation to continue collecting information which resulted in a far deeper exploratory exercise. Eventually he decided that rather than keeping the drawings and written accounts in a desk drawer, he would share the discoveries with others. As is often the case with spiritual studies, the insights and realizations that can be gained are readily applicable to improving one's self or the world in which we live.


The material forming the basis for this website, the guided meditation classes, and the upcoming book has been collected by Ben during his meditations by repeatedly accessing specific information. These are the written and illustrated accounts of what can be experienced. They are offered as an introduction for others to have their own personal experience.


Currently Ben is writing, creating artwork, and teaching classes based on his material. He loves to connect with people who share an interest in meditation and spiritual study.

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